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ARTEMIS is inspired by a classic optical frame with a lightweight sport aspect.


  • Frames Only: $100

  • Optical Package With Polycarbonate Lenses: $175
    - Included in the initial price of your selected frames.
    - Polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant and ideal for everyday use.


  • Premium Anti-Reflective Coating: $115
    - Improves vision and appearance of glasses.
    - Reduces reflections, particularly beneficial for driving.
    - Makes glasses less reflective in photographs.
    - Reduces glare; Durable scratch-resistant coating; Easy-to-clean, repels dust, water, and dirt.

  • Transition Lenses: $90
    - Changes from clear to shaded based on UV light exposure.
    - Darkens to gray outdoors and turns clear indoors.
    - May not darken inside a car or near windows due to UV ray blockage.

  • Blue Light Filters: $70
    - Protects eyes against harmful blue light from digital screens.
    - Reduces digital eye strain by decreasing contrast.

  • Hi Index 1.67: $95
    - Especially suited for moderate to high prescriptions.

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