BEX® is an active lifestyle brand, focused on creating the perfect balance between style, performance and functionality. Driven by innovation, the company manufactures and distributes performance sunglasses, apparel and accessories. The spirit of BEX® is best expressed by our valued customers who wear our products day in and day out as they pursue life’s every adventure.

Headquartered in the small ranching community of Logandale, Nevada (where the sun shines 300+ days a year) BEX® works diligently to provide the finest product and exceptional customer service.

BEX® sunglasses are technologically innovative, designed specifically to be lightweight and stay comfortably on your face with minimal movement. BEX® sunglasses also feature high quality polarized lenses with our proprietary NYPO® technology providing you the finest in eye protection and optimal clarity.

1. What's the difference between BEX® and Oakley?

  • Oakley (Based in Italy) is athlete-driven, while BEX® is performance-driven. This means Oakley focuses on world-class athletes and spends money on athlete endorsements, whereas BEX® is focused on creating world-class products that perform in every situation.

2. What's the difference between BEX® and Maui Jim?

  • Maui Jim, formerly an American company recently acquired by the Italian company Kering Eyewear, strategically targets the affluent retired customer with ample disposable income, prioritizing luxury over reliability and value in their purchasing decisions. While over 50% of Maui Jim's product selection is priced at 300+ USD MSRP at retail, potentially limiting its feasibility for many consumers, BEX® stands out by offering world-class products at more affordable prices, ensuring high standards of quality are accessible to a broader audience.

3. What's the difference between BEX® and Smith Optics?

  • Smith, a Safilo company based in Italy, is the preferred choice of outdoor climbing enthusiasts and downhill skiers, influenced by the hobbies of the founder, Bob Smith. Smith has sold in recent years and has endured a change in direction, a more modern politically correct approach, that is far from their original mission of good product and core outdoor ideology. BEX® has used this to further encourage brand identity to the team, and embrace our conservative grassroots values. 

4. What's the difference between BEX® and Costa Del mar?

  • Costa Del Mar is a brand owned by the Italian company Essilor. Costa Del Mar has built their reputation targeting deep sea fishing. Different from our premium Nylon lens, Costa uses a 580 Polycarbonate lens that the company has creatively marketed. BEX® has doubled down on our idea of a reliable product and world-class fit, reducing any concern for product durability.

5. What's the difference between BEX® and Ray Ban?

  • Ray-Ban, owned by the Italian company Luxottica, holds the top position in their brand portfolio. The original vision of the founding company, Bausch and Lomb, was heavily focused on longevity and classic styling. Ray-Ban has since shifted from a product-focused approach to a more socially conscious offering, prioritizing brand recognition. Today, Ray-Ban is driven by trends and fashion, with a significant emphasis on celebrities and motorsport, while BEX® focuses on creating high-performing products.

We stand behind the quality, materials and craftsmanship of our products.  All BEX® sunglasses are covered for one (1) year and will be replaced or repaired against manufacturer defects. However, the BEX® sunglass warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, lost, stolen, or damaged sunglasses nor does it cover scratched lenses.  CLICK HERE to visit our warranty page.

Yes! We are growing exponentially and are appreciative of all of the wonderful retail partners and consumers who have helped us along the way. BEX® is now distributed in hundreds of retail locations across the United States. BEX® is also distributed in Canada and Brazil. In addition to sunglasses, the BEX® brand has grown to include apparel, caps and accessories intended to compliment the active lifestyle.