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Forest / Green
Add prescription lenses to your sunglasses!
Send your prescription to optical@bexsunglasses.com. Your order will not be processed without a valid prescription. Processing could take up to 4 weeks once we receive your prescription. Please check the box in acknowledgement.
Currently, Bi-focal Add-ons are not available. If your prescription includes a bi-focal component, please know that it will not be used for your order. Please check the box in acknowledgement.
Prescription is not available on Sky, Burgundy, or Lavender lenses. Optical orders placed on these lenses will be canceled and refunded. Please check the box in acknowledgement.

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A sporty, yet timeless and classic design, the Fin is a versatile accessory for the outdoors.

The thermoplastic construction and black silicone rubber tips make the Fin durable in several aspects for the on-the-go individual. The black silicone rubber tips provide a secure fit, ensuring the sunglasses don't fall off your face. When not in use, hang your Fin around your neck by attaching a leash at the end of the temples (tips).

The Fin is designed for both performance and protection, meeting requirements such ANSI Z87.1 and MIL-PRF-13013, which deflects objects moving over 650 ft/sec.

What's Included:

- EVA molded sunglass case
- A soft microfiber sleeve
- Extra screws
- 2 pairs of spare nose pads

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