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Delvin (OPTICAL)

$ 100.00

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Send your prescription to optical@bexsunglasses.com. Your order will not be processed without a valid prescription. Processing could take up to 4 weeks once we receive your prescription. Please check the box in acknowledgement.
Currently, Bi-focal Add-ons are not available. If your prescription includes a bi-focal component, please know that it will not be used for your order. Please check the box in acknowledgement.

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THE BASICS: The BEX DELVIN is a classic optical shape but with an extremely lightweight and durable frame.


Frames Only --- $100

Optical Package With Polycarbonate Lenses --- $175

These lenses are already included in the initial price of your selected frames.  Polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and great for everyday use.


Premium Anti-Reflective Coating --- $115

Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings improve both the vision and the appearance of your glasses. AR coatings significantly reduce reflections while driving or from overhead light. They also make your glasses less reflective in photographs, so your eyes shine through rather than a reflection! AR coatings significantly improve night driving by reducing glare, reflections and halos around lights.

Reduces Glare; Durable Scratch Resistant Coating; Easy-to-Clean Coating repels dust, water and dirt.


Transition Lenses --- $90

Transitions lenses change from clear to shaded depending on the amount of UV light present.  Photochromic lens darkens to gray outdoors and turn clear indoors.

***May not darken inside a car or near windows because most windshields and car windows block UV rays needed to darken the lenses.***


Blue Light Filters --- $70

Blue Light Filters protect your eyes against harmful Blue light from computer screens and digital devices. This added protection can decrease contrast leading to digital eye strain. 


Hi Index 1.67 --- $95

This High Index material is especially suited for anyone with a moderate to high prescription who requires a strong, elegant lens.  Recommended for more complicated prescriptions.


  • Hinge: Stainless Steel molded hinge with a single flat head screw.
  • Bridge: TR90 with a slight arch.
  • Frame: TR90 temples and front frame.
  • Specs: Lens width 50mm x height 40mm, Temple length 145mm, and width between lenses 19mm.

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