BEX Polarized Lenses

BEX has a variety of lenses options to choose from, each individually unique. Finding the right lens for who you are, and what you do is provided in the information below.

BEX NYPO offers the best clarity out of all of our lens options.

BEX Safe Grade lens meets with ANSI Z87.1 or MIL-PRF-31013 ratings.

Angler Pro Lens Coating which is best for fishermen.

BEX P200 is our premium polycarbonate lens treated with all the our usual coatings.

BEX sunglasses feature proprietary NYPO™, Safe Grade, Angler Pro and our BEX P200 lens technology.  The unique construction of our multi-layered lenses outshines standard lenses in the industry. This specialized process combines a premium polarized film with a high-grade nylon or polycarbonate lens through a precise multi-layered injection mold for optimum durability and optical clarity.

The result is a lightweight polarized lens that offers chemical, impact, abrasion, and high-temperature resistance while maintaining dynamic optical performance. Seeing is believing, experience life through the BEX™ lenses.