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Start someone's New Year with a positive impact.

Start someone's New Year with a positive impact.

Here at BEX, we wanted to end the year on a positive note and what better way than by helping someone in need. BEX ended the year with a surplus of hats that did not meet the quality and standards that the BEX brand strives to produce. Instead of throwing them away, we decided to find them a well-deserved home. Our headquarters in Las Vegas has a large concentration of homeless veterans. A lot of these veterans have nowhere to turn because their families have forgotten about them or their benefits ran out. We found an organization that helps these veterans get back on their feet by providing them a place to live. Veterans Village is place where veterans can have a safe place to start over. At the village, many companies donate to help feed, clothe, and provide a new start for these forgotten veterans. 

Veterans Village

Most of these veterans spend the majority of their time outside. What better way for BEX to give back than to donate 600 ball caps to protect these extraordinary men and women from the sun, snow, and rain. 

Start the New Year by making a positive impact on someone less fortunate. Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction to get someone's life back on track. There are so many people in need and by sparing your time, money, or resources, you could make a huge impact.

BEX donates 600 caps to Veterans Village

We can never fully repay these men and women for their services by protecting us and defending our freedom. Although, we can start by helping them be a little more comfortable this winter season. If you would like to help Veterans Village CLICK HERE.

Support your forgotten veterans at Veterans Village


By: Kevin Rugnetta
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