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Built on an a ever-expanding lava field, Hawaii's Big Island is one of the most diverse landscapes out of all the Hawaiian islands. We made a trip to the Big Island to see all that the island has to offer for us to explore, from the open ranges to the black sand beaches. Our trip landed us in the most populated area of the Big Island, Kailua-Kona. One of the most active beaches on this side is Kahalu'u Beach Park which is known for snorkeling and surfing. If you're just looking for a beautiful beach to lay on, your best option is Hapuna Beach State Park. Hapuna is the largest white sand beach on the island. If you're looking for some adventure, Kona is known for it's lava fields which runs right next to HI-19 just past the Kona airport. Keep in mind, lava rocks are sharp and uneven so be careful if you plan on venturing down into lava tubes.

Lava tubes Hawaii

All this beach time and lava rock hiking can work up quite an appetite, if you want an amazing meal around Kona I will recommend two options, Lava Lava Beach Club and Kona Brewing Company. Lava Lava Beach Club is your iconic feet in the sand, 5 star dining. Kona Brewing Company is best known for, well...beer. Let's face it, pizza and beer always go hand and hand and Kona Brewing makes some of the best pizza on the island.

Kona also has great shopping, resorts, and plenty of outdoor activities. If you're looking for cooler climate and something more remote you should drive out to Waimea. Waimea has an average temperature of 65 degrees, plan on bringing a jacket, and cowboy boots. Waimea is known for their Hawaiian cowboys (Paniolo). This area is filled with rolling, green pastures and livestock. Waimea is an unexpected surprise on the Big Island by being a remote area which provides a southwest atmosphere in a tropical landscape. If you're looking for some fun, check out Parker Ranch for hunting or horseback riding. Throughout the year, Waimea hosts many rodeos but the most well known rodeo is held at Parker Ranch. For more info about Hawaiian Rodeos click here.

Hawaiian cowboy, paniolo

The Big Island is most well known for it's active volcano. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the world's only drive-in volcano. As scary as it may be, you are able to get extremely close to one of the world's most active volcanoes. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has many hiking trails, including one that allows you to view the lava flow as it makes it's way towards the ocean. After a long hike nothing is more rewarding than a relaxing glass of wine from Volcano Winery or nice dinner at the Volcano House. 

Kilauea volcano Hawaii

The Kilauea Volcano is the main reason why the Big Island has such beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches, and lush green vegetation. The Big Island has some of the most beautiful waterfalls, such as Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Pe'epe'e Falls and Umauma Falls. Most of these waterfalls are accessible by a short hike. To learn more about the beautiful waterfalls the Big Island offers click here

Akaka Falls Hawaii

An island shaped by a volcano is the only place where you can find the best black sand beaches. Punlu'u Beach is a black sand beach that offers breathtaking views, sea turtle sightings, and great swimming. 

Punalu'u black sand beach

The Big Island is the perfect life adventure with 14 different climate zones, great surfing, vast ranches, amazing food, beautiful hikes, and some of the most unique beaches in the world. Let BEX help you prepare for your next adventure to the Big Island with the perfect lightweight polarized sunglasses, the Deklyn.

Deklyn light weight polarized sunglasses.

By: Kevin Rugnetta, Photo credit (majority): Kevin Rugnetta
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WSOF Global

WSOF Global

BEX was a proud sponsor for the WSOF Global fight in Tokyo, Japan on February 7th 2016. We were featured in the program that was given out at the fight.

We would like to congratulate Evgeny Erokhin for winning the Heavy weight bout at the WSOF GC2. Evgeny was victorious over fellow American Brandon Cash "Money". To see the whole fight click here.

Evgeny Erokhin WSOF GC Champion

Below is the image that was featured in the program given out the night of the event.

Carter II advertisement for WSOF Global

About WSOF Global:

WSOF-GC (World Series of Fi Lighting Global Championship) is very honor that they can be held in Japan and to be  called the Mecca of mixed martial arts. We are not only the country enjoy the MMA, but we would like to hold the event in the Tokyo to educate those who don't know about MMA. 

WSOF-GC 2 In Japan, was able to invite the fighters from 9 countries some including, Singapore ,United States, France, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Poland, and Ukraine. WSOF Global is a corporation that will be come a contender for the best MMA organizations in the world. For more information on the WSOF Global, CLICK HERE.

To see the results from this fight event  CLICK HERE.

By: Kevin Rugnetta 
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High Country Bowhunter

High Country Bowhunter

 High County Bowhunter

We were lucky enough to be featured on's blog. There is nothing more important than making sharing positive customer feedback. Below is the article that the good people at High Country Bowhunter were nice enough to write.


I was given the opportunity to try out a pair of BEX Sunglasses. Now I know you may ask yourself why I would review sunglasses on a hunting blog and to you I would just have to say one thing; bowfishing. I walk the bank of the river or lake that I'm bowfhishing and seeing the fish sooner is key while bowfishing this way. The best lens to use while bowfishing, or fishing in general, is a polarized lens. This helps eliminate the reflection on the water allowing you to see beneath the surface and finding fish quicker.

When I opened the box and saw the pair of BEX Sunglasses, I was amazed at how light-weight they were. I tested out the ARSTYK II style of shades which are made of lightweight nylon polymer which allows for outstanding durability and flexibility. BEX has a whole line up of lightweight performance sunglasses made with either nylon or titanium. I know the big hype these days are minimalist and lightweight but with how lightweight these sunglasses are, it feels like they aren't even there.


I have been wearing these for awhile now and I can say that I have been very pleased with them. I have always had problems with sunglasses sliding down my face as I'm looking into the water with the sweat from the heat of the day. With this pair of sunglasses though I have very minimal slippage and they stay on my face. My wife has even taken them on her runs in the morning because they are so lightweight and they stay on her face.

Overall I would say that I was extremely pleased with these glasses. Will they make you a better fisherman or bowfisherman? No, but they are comfortable, lightweight, durable, and they stay on your face. They have some other great looking pairs of sunglasses as well as some great looking apparel. My advice, go check them out if you are wanting a new pair of sunglasses and you won't be disappointed.

To see the full article CLICK here. If your interested more about bowhunting check out their blog at highcountrybowhunter.com

Jason Bex
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BEX gets into Forbes

BEX gets into Forbes

How BEX Sunglasses Founder Jason Adams Is Taking On His Big-Name Competitors

Move over, Oakley and Ray-Ban and other high-end brands of performance sunglasses, there’s a new entrepreneur in town and his company, BEX, is offering an equally excellent product at a disruptive price point. And it’s gaining attention.

Jason Adams is the founder of BEX, a small business manufacturing performance sunglasses and outdoor gear that is sold online and in over 700 stores.

The BEX brand became known not through expensive marketing campaigns, but by word of mouth from the people who started wearing their gear. In fact, that is how we became aware of BEX. One of our employees had a pair of their shades comfortably resting on his head during a meeting. It wasn’t long before the rest of our crew, the majority whom are outdoor enthusiasts, also began sporting the brand.

We soon discovered the BEX recipe for success and why they have continued to double in revenue every year since launching the brand in 2009.

Jason’s business strategy remains true to his roots. “Where you come from and what you stand for will be tested through success, failure and sometimes heartbreak,” said Jason. “Life will always throw at you plenty of reasons to give up. My life as an entrepreneur isn’t much different than my life on the rodeo circuit in this aspect.”

Jason launched his business in Logandale, Nevada, population around 3,000, located an hour east of Las Vegas, which places it in the middle of nowhere – and that suits Jason and his employees just fine. “When you don’t have a lot, you make the best with what you have,” said Jason.

When Jason’s father learned his son was going to make sunglasses for a living he said, “Now, son, you know a lot about a lot of things, but you don’t know anything about sunglasses. How are you going to build a business based on them?” Jason answered that question in his actions by shadowing experts who understood the industry and he also dedicated his time to learning the basic fundamentals of business. He was intent on being the best and building a successful company, so he asked for help from anyone who was willing to let him learn by their side.

“We work very hard to offer the perfect balance of style and performance,” he added. “We did our homework when it came to developing first-class manufacturing and inventory processes.”

He hires good people who can wear multiple hats. For the past decade he has created significant profit with only 11 people. BEX recently opened an in-house production facility in North Las Vegas located next door to their sales office. BEX will now be producing 20% of their plastic sunglass frames domestically.

We asked Jason to share the lessons that have intertwined his cowboy and entrepreneurial experiences with the hope of helping other small business owners. He was happy to oblige.

The first lesson Jason shared with us is how important riding lessons are. You’re going to get bucked off a few times while riding a horse or building a business. “The more you know, the longer you’ll stay in the saddle and if you fall, the more likely you are to get back on,” he said.

Jason is a veteran rider. He knew that cowboys and other extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts go through sunglasses faster than perhaps any other piece of gear. Polarized, lightweight, sunglasses are a necessity if you make your living outdoors, especially if you are participating in extreme sports.

The entrepreneurial chapter of Jason’s life kicked into high gear when he traded in his boots and saddle and just about everything else he owned to build a business that first offered sunglasses and later moved into the broader apparel market.

“My gut just knew that there was something there,” said Jason. “I knew what I wanted in a superior pair of sunglasses, and I wanted to build them. I wanted them to be able to stand toe to toe with the big dogs on the playing field, but I also wanted them to stay on my face while participating in extreme outdoor sports. This type of sunglasses generally retails for over $100 a pair. I wanted to create something that would last perhaps for a lifetime.”

Shortly after Jason realized his dream of creating BEX in 2009, he began combing search engines and library books to learn about manufacturing, polymers, techniques and every application that would be needed to hit the ground running in the industry.

“I got to work and put everything I had into it,” shared Jason. “If I was going to build sunglasses, they had to be the best. There’s no use in building something that is not world class.  They needed to be lightweight and remain in place regardless of whether you were getting bucked off a bull, skiing down a mountain or running a marathon.”

He added that it is also important to hire people who have a commitment to doing things the old-school way with respect, craftsmanship and excellence. “Humble, caring, hardworking people are blessings,” he said.

“The life of an entrepreneur is never in balance,” explained Jason. “You’re going to have incredible highs and lows. After making our landmark sales that would turn the tide for our company and feeling like I was on top of the world, I received a call from my wife with news that there would be health complications with our son that was about to come into this world, and shortly after that I would lose my son and then my father. The life was knocked out of me. That is why it’s important to surround yourself with people who can go the distance with you, not when it’s easy but when it’s incredibly tough.”

Jason’s father was Wes Adams, a successful contractor from Las Vegas who put work ethic and integrity as the guiding principle of each and every lesson he taught his children. Jason noted that one of the most important things his father did for him before passing was to connect him with the man who would become BEX’s CFO/COO, Brian Gardner.

“My personal trials ignited an incredible spark in Brian,” shared Jason. “He dug in even deeper and created even more new opportunities for our business.”

“That’s just what people do for one another,” Brian told us. “When someone on the team needs help, you help them. You find it within yourself to help carry the load. So often in business today we hear about how a leader or a team dropped the ball. It’s rare to find associates who carry the ball for you when you need it most. Our team believes this forges a bond that can transcend the pitfalls of business.”

The road to success was never easy for Jason and his team. Early in his BEX’s history he tried to build a factory in Italy. It proved to be a costly mistake. He ended up with nothing after burning through all his savings. “I learned one of the hardest and most important lessons of my life,” said Jason. “You have to be strong enough to face that most days it’s going to be a risk-filled lonely world if you’re an entrepreneur.” He and his new wife struggled to figure out how to go on with just $600 to their name.

Jason then had to take a long, humiliating trip to see his father and explain his mistake across a desk at his office. Much to Jason’s surprise, his dad started laughing and said, “Well, you won’t be doing that again anytime soon, will ya?”

Jason walked out with no more money in his account than when he walked in, but with an invaluable lesson. Jason can tell you story after story about the hard knocks he has taken while growing as an entrepreneur. He strives to stay grounded and humble while always keeping his eye on the prize. He believes this is one of the most important elements of building and maintaining BEX as a great company and a brand with meaning.

“Never sacrifice who you are or what you stand for, especially when you fall,” he said.

Jason still stands when anyone enters the room. His genuine kindness and manners that seem to be from a different era are as disruptive as his sunglasses’ price point. He’s going to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time, remember your name, honor his promises and leave you with more than you asked for. Perhaps that is the key to his ultimate success.

Additional reporting for this article provided by Mary Michelle Scott, Fishbowl President.
To view the whole article CLICK HERE
Jason Bex
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