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Made in USA

Made in USA

BEX is dedicated to making products made in the USA. We decided to start making all of our sunglasses and cap displays right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Doing this allows us to produce the best quality products and provide jobs to hard working Americans.

Laguna CNC router cutting sunglasses displays

To speed up the process we purchased the state of the art Laguna CNC router. 

 BEX sunglass display, metal breaking

Using a metal break to shape the full display allows us to make the displays using one sheet of aluminum. Only using one sheet of aluminum allows us to minimize the amount of waste we produce.

Hand assembling the BEX sunglasses displays.

By assembling the sunglass displays by hand ensures that we keep the highest quality.

BEX sunglass display production

Making sure every detail is protected is what keeps our displays looking their very best once they hit the retail floor. 

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