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Jena Knowles - Ambassador

Jena Knowles - Ambassador

At BEX we have a lot of people working behind the scene to provide product feed back and product testing. Our Ambassadors live in the same elements that our customers do, which allows us to provide real life images of the products being used. To give you a better understanding about Jena we asked her some questions that we thought might show a better relation to our customers.

Jena Knowles

Jena Knowles is a 4th generation rancher who lives in Oregon with her husband Trevor (who is a 13-time NFR steer wrestling qualifier & also loves BEX.) They have 1 daughter, Chaney who is almost 2, and Jena works as the PR Director at their local hospital.

I'm always grateful to have my BEX sunglasses! I spent years shoving a pair of expensive aviators back up my nose all day long. Since I tried my first pair of Bex almost 3 years ago, I haven't worn any other brand, and never will. I'm THAT hooked! They really do stay put!

Learn a little more about Jena.

B: Mountains or Prairies? 
J: Mountains

B: Spring or Fall?

J: Spring - baby calves and branding time!

B: Fresh Cut Hay or the smell after a Good Rain 

J: Fresh cut hay, that means it's summer! My favorite!

B: Favorite pet? 

J: Favorite pet is probably my mini horse Dusty. He serves zero purpose on the ranch but he's adorable and hates everyone but me, his loyalty has earned him the number 1 spot.

B: Dream vehicle?

J: I'm not picky, any clean vehicle that can't be used for ranch work. ;)

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Wyatt has officially joined the BEX team in 2021. He has always been integrated in our team and we have always supported him. We are very happy to have our own Nevada native come and join the BEX team.

Click here to learn more about Wyatt Denny and his rise to the NFR. 

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Welcome Steve Torrence

Welcome Steve Torrence


BEX Sunglasses Will Provide Clarity as World Champion Looks Ahead


            LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Reigning NHRA World Champion Steve Torrence announced Wednesday a marketing partnership with Las Vegas-based BEX Sunglasses, LLC, which will begin with next week’s 55th annual Auto Club of Southern California Finals at Pomona, Calif., and extend through the 2020 season.

Established in 2009, BEX is one of the world’s leading product design and eyewear brands.  Chosen by customers for its superior comfort and affordability, it is considered the professional standard in lightweight eyewear.  BEX Sunglasses are engineered to stay comfortably on the face, complementing any active lifestyle.  

“We’re very excited to be associated with Steve and the Capco Contractors race team,” said Jason Adams, founder and president of BEX Sunglasses.  “Steve pursues the kind of active lifestyle for which we created our product line.  So, whether he’s riding, roping or racing, we’ll give him the premium durability and optical clarity worthy of a World Champion.”

Torrence, the dominant driver in drag racing’s signature racing category with 28 wins over the last three seasons, moves almost as quickly off the track as he does on it.  When he’s not bidding jobs for Capco, a family-owned, Texas-based oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance company, he can be found hunting, fishing, calf-roping or just sharing a pickup ride with his dogs, Cuatro and Bosque.

“It’s a privilege for me to be affiliated with a company like BEX that believes in the same things that I do,” Torrence said.  “Their products are a perfect fit for me and the Capco Boys.”

In addition to its core business, BEX is one of the fastest growing companies in the sale of apparel and active accessories, offering men’s and women’s product lines that appeal to performance, outdoor active and lifestyle consumers.

As an immediate benefit of the new partnership, race fans can score a pair of BEX sunglasses at a 10 percent discount by accessing the company’s website at  https://www.bexsunglasses.com/ and using the promo code TR10.


Jason Bex
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