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BEX Photo Incentive Program

BEX Photo Incentive Program

We at BEX are focused on growing our social media platform in an authentic way, while utilizing many photographers across multiple genres, to increase exposure not only to our wonderful brand but to promote your images featuring our products. 

BEX is seeking talented photographers with a flair for the outdoors. If selected to be a part of this incentive program, BEX will provide the following:

  • 2 styles of sunglasses and caps to utilize as props while shooting
  • $25.00 for each image selected by our digital marketing manager and posted on any one of our social media platforms, BEX reserves the right to use the photo across all platforms.
  • Photo tags from BEX to help increase your following

If you are interested please reach out to z_mckee@bexsunglasses.com with your online portfolio.

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