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WSOF Global

WSOF Global

BEX was a proud sponsor for the WSOF Global fight in Tokyo, Japan on February 7th 2016. We were featured in the program that was given out at the fight.

We would like to congratulate Evgeny Erokhin for winning the Heavy weight bout at the WSOF GC2. Evgeny was victorious over fellow American Brandon Cash "Money". To see the whole fight click here.

Evgeny Erokhin WSOF GC Champion

Below is the image that was featured in the program given out the night of the event.

Carter II advertisement for WSOF Global

About WSOF Global:

WSOF-GC (World Series of Fi Lighting Global Championship) is very honor that they can be held in Japan and to be  called the Mecca of mixed martial arts. We are not only the country enjoy the MMA, but we would like to hold the event in the Tokyo to educate those who don't know about MMA. 

WSOF-GC 2 In Japan, was able to invite the fighters from 9 countries some including, Singapore ,United States, France, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Poland, and Ukraine. WSOF Global is a corporation that will be come a contender for the best MMA organizations in the world. For more information on the WSOF Global, CLICK HERE.

To see the results from this fight event  CLICK HERE.

By: Kevin Rugnetta 

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